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Invest in your hair. It’s the crown you never take off.

Impressive Results By Jess, started off as me rebranding my beautician business. I have been obsessed with hair and beauty since taking cosmetology courses in high school. I started experimenting with making my own products using natural oils after treating some of my family members' hair issues. The products did so well that my family members started to tell others about my products and that was when they began to request my products. Once the products began to take off I decided to take some time off from my job as a police officer to follow my first love. This decision  provided me with the opportunity to not only spend more time with my family but to also get them involved with the business as well. I showed my daughter how to mix and blend our ingredients for our products. I developed the products specifically to help with hair growth, strengthening, and restoration. I always knew I wanted to help people and be of service to people. I never imagined I would move from being a police officer to having my own beauty consultant business.

I strive to serve my clients with high quality products and expert knowledge about taking care of their hair, skin, and health tips.

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What Our Clients Say


Jess, I used your shampoo and it was AMAZING and so soothing…My hair was squeaky clean…Literally! I would suggest everyone give it chance to give their hair a special treatment!


Man don’t sleep on Impressive Results By Jess’s Exfoliating shampoo. I washed my daughter’s hair and she loves the shampoo because of the peppermint scent! Let Jess Exfoliating shampoo treat your scalp and hair!

Jasmine Sims

I highly recommend Jess What Women Want Bread Oil to anyone trying to grow a full beard. It not only helped me fill in patches in my beard, but it also cleared blemishes in my skin.

Dr. J.W. Boyd

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